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Parenting a Child with Anxiety

By Jan Cheek, MSW, LCSW Children can suffer from several types of anxiety during the developmental years. Specific phobias are when children have excessive, extreme, or irrational fears of specific things such as bugs or thunderstorms. Separation anxiety is when a child is excessively…

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Anxiety and the Uncertainty of Coronavirus

By Jan Cheek, MSW, LCSW One of the only things that has been certain during this time of uncertainty as we face the Coronavirus pandemic is that all people experience anxiety to some degree. Not all anxiety is bad and…

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Sleep Deprivation and Overlapping Symptoms With Other Mental Health and Physiological Disorders

By Jan Cheek, MSW, LCSW Sleep deprivation can be both a cause and an effect of several mental health disorders and many physiological health concerns including, but not limited to:  cardiovascular issues, obesity, immune system deficiencies, and Type II Diabetes.  Anxiety can…

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Using Mindfulness to Manage Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms

By Jan Cheek, MSW, LCSW Research has indicated that mindfulness practices are effective ways to reduce and manage symptoms of anxiety and depression. Thoughts and beliefs influence feelings and thus sensations and ultimately symptoms of anxiety and depression. These thoughts…

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