Laurie Conaty, MSW, LCSW, LCAS

Laurie Conaty, MSW, LCSW, LCAS

My Education

In 1987, I was awarded a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. My undergraduate training is in Psychology with a Bachelor of Arts from George Mason University.

My Related Experience

My career has included a combination of providing direct clinical services, such as evaluations and therapy, and program/clinic development and management. Part of my belief is that excellent clinical services and excellent practice standards go hand in hand; therefore, my energies have always gone to both.

My Special Training or Certifications

I am always looking to be on the cutting edge of training for modalities of therapy. I not only conduct training sessions, but continuously seek to receive the best training. Some of the special trainings I have are:

  • Certified MINT Trainer – Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers
  • EMDR – Level 1 – Shapiro Endorsed Training
  • NC NASW Clinical Supervision Certificate
  • Love First: Clinical Interventions, Betty Ford Center, CA

My Areas of Focus

While trained as a generalist with a focus on client goals driving an evidence-based treatment plan, I am also particularly interested in:

  • Discernment Counseling – A guided, short-term process with the goal of achieving clarity about whether or not to restore a marriage or continue toward divorce. Learn more about Discernment Counseling.
  • Couples therapy – Helping couples to devise and implement a treatment plan with objectives designed to improve or alleviate the issues and restore the relationship to a better and healthier level of functioning.
  • Family therapy – Helping high conflict family systems develop a way to resolve their differences in a way that all parties can live with, often including both teens and parents.
  • Individual therapy – Helping people answer the question, “What is wrong and what can we do about it?”, with me as a consultant or the ongoing therapist.
  • Substance Use -With a knowledge and commitment to folks NOT having to ‘hit bottom’ or ‘want help’ to address substance use issues, behavioral issues, or a combination of both, I provide discreet and professional clinical interventions. Clinical interventions result in one of two things, an entrance into treatment or an awareness of current problems the client is experiencing in their life because those who care and know have told him or her through the intervention process.

Additionally, I train other therapists in evidence-based modalities, particularly emphasizing Motivational Interviewing.

My Purpose for Choosing Counseling/Clinical Social Work

I have a passion for melding excellence in diagnostics, a client’s goals, and evidence-based practices into providing the best care possible for a client that leads to achieving the client’s goals.

My Life Outside the Office

I love my work and some who know me would say that is my hobby! Also, I enjoy, let’s say love, gardening, cooking and reading various newspapers on a Sunday morning with coffee alongside! My favorite time is being with family and friends.