Discernment Counseling

On the brink of divorce…

What is Discernment Counseling?

A guided, short-term process with the goal of achieving clarity about whether or not to restore a marriage or continue toward divorce. Counseling is for couples in a committed relationship regardless of legal marital status and/or sexual identity.

What is the Goal?

To help the couple decide, with confidence and clarity, what relationship path they choose to take for their relationship.

There are 3 paths to decide between:

  • Path 1: stay as you are
  • Path 2: separation and divorce (if applicable) with an understanding of what happened to their relationship and why – usually with less “drama” and anger
  • Path 3: a commitment, with separation or divorce off the table, to participate fully in at least 6 months of intensive couples therapy

How long does it last?

1-5 sessions – at the end of each session a decision will be made about having a next session. We will typically meet one time per week for up to 5 weeks.

How much does it cost?

1st session: 2 hours – $400
2-5 sessions: 1.5 hours – $350

In Discernment Counseling, we will focus solely on helping you decide the next step – what do you want to do with your relationship? We will work towards developing clarity about how you got to where you are in your marriage and changes that need to be made based on the path you choose.

Our Discernment Counseling sessions will focus on helping evaluate your relationship, gain confidence in your decisions, and determine what needs to be done differently in order to prevent similar issues in future relationships.

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Does insurance pay for Discernment Counseling?

Insurance requires that a person have a diagnosis. Discernment Counseling is not couples therapy and no one gets a diagnosis. So, insurance DOES NOT pay for Discernment Counseling. Many couples think of Discernment Counseling as a far less costly alternative to choosing Path 2 without considering all options first through the Discernment Counseling process.