What is Comprehensive Psychiatric Care?

By Laurie Conaty, MSW, LCSW, LCAS

Comprehensive psychiatric care means that an individual seeking care has access to all services that can be provided on an outpatient basis under the same roof! Behavioral Healthcare, LLC providers have been providing this service to residents of Lee County and surrounding counties for 28 years-the longest existing group of psychiatric providers in the county!

What kind of services should be available?

Evaluations-that answer the question for the patient or referring healthcare provider—what is going on and what can I do about it? This means that a licensed mental health provider (LCSW, PhD/PsyD or MD) talks with you and loved ones, with your permission, to understand the signs and symptoms or the problems you are experiencing and they then tell you and help you understand the diagnosis (for example, Anxiety Disorder, ADD-combined type, Major Depression, OCD or Adjustment Disorder, along with many others.) Psychological testing can also be helpful in some cases and it is ideal if it is under the same “roof” as the other services you receive for coordination of care.

Treatment-treatment can range from medication consultation and management by a Board Certified Child/Adolescent or Adult Psychiatrist, to different therapies, like Couples, Family, Group and Individual and the use of Evidence-Based practices like EMDR for trauma, Love First for Clinical Interventions, Cognitive Behavioral therapies and Motivational Interviewing, to name just a few.

Personal Growth-sometimes individuals and couples want therapy to enhance their relationships or their lives and they are not concerned about a diagnosis and they don’t want to use their insurance. Sometimes family members and/or business partners want to plan a Clinical Intervention for an important person to them who has Substance Use Disorder. Clinical Interventions and therapy focused on personal growth is a part of a comprehensive practice as well!

Crisis Response Services-comprehensive practices have an established protocol where a current patient can reach a licensed professional in the event of a crisis or life threatening emergency.

Consultation to Other Healthcare Providers-comprehensive practices often have the ability for a patient who is cared for by his/her primary care provider to meet with a psychiatrist to offer consultation about medication management. Additionally, for challenging cases being treated by other therapists where there may be benefit for consultation with another licensed mental health clinician, or situations where family or couples therapy should be provided by another clinician, BHA, LLC can assist.

BHA, LLC is a Comprehensive Psychiatric Practice and is pleased to offer all of these services to our community! We have enjoyed stellar patient satisfaction ratings and we continue to strive to be the most comprehensive provider of evidence-based practices.

Please contact us at 919.292.1464 – a referral is never required and all major insurers are accepted by various providers in our clinic!