Anxiety and the Uncertainty of Coronavirus

One of the only things that has been certain during this time of uncertainty as we face the Coronavirus pandemic is that all people experience anxiety to some degree. Not all anxiety is bad and some anxiety is normal in times of uncertainty. The good thing about normal anxiety is that it creates and promotes adaptive, preventive, and cautionary behaviors which in turn often reduces excessive stress and anxiety which can sometimes become [...]

Telehealth:  It’s Not Just FaceTime with Your Mental Health Provider

The presence of COVID-19 has brought changes to how we carry out so many aspects in our lives.  Schools transitioned to have students complete the school year from home.  We are confronted with considerations related to social distancing and the effectiveness of face masks.  Video chats connect us with friends and family.  Attendance to religious services or community meetings may be via Facebook Live or Zoom.  At a time when many are dealing [...]

More Time Together, More Sibling Rivalry – Why Do They Fight? What Is A Parent To Do?

Secondary to COVID-19 “shelter at home” mandates and finishing the last couple months of school at home and online, and then the elimination of many organized summer activities such as summer camps and sports programs, family together time has been greater than usual. There are, of course, many bonuses for having family together time and, also, many challenges especially when there are few options for respite. One of the challenges includes increasing sibling [...]

What Is Adult ADHD and What Can I Do About It?

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is often thought of as a childhood illness, yet up to 70% of children with ADHD will have significant ADHD symptoms as an adult.  That is, at least 4.4% of adults will have prominent ADHD symptoms affecting their functioning. The true number may be up to double that amount.  It can be a truly debilitating condition that not only affects the ADHD adult patient, but also their family members [...]

Battling Stigma in Mental Health to Access Treatment

Psychiatric disorders have a substantial impact in the United States. Up to 25% of all Americans have a diagnosable mental disorder. Up to half of all mental health disorders start before 14 years of age and three quarters by 24 years of age. It places a heavy burden on US society. Serious mental illness cost Americans $193.2 billion in lost earnings per year. Adults in the US living with serious mental illness die [...]

One View of Spirituality and Mental Health

People are more than the sum of their parts. Various aspects of oneself might contribute to a sense of wholeness. These include, but are not limited to: physical, emotional, vocational, intellectual, relational, and spiritual. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, my role is to come alongside people in their journey to assist them in exploring and integrating aspects of their life, increasing their sense of wellness. Discussion and understanding of mental health issues has [...]

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